Bribery (Public Corruption)

Bribery, or public corruption, is a serious crime which can have life changing consequences for the people involved. The range of accusations related to these crimes are wide ranging and include government fraud, extortion, procurement fraud, abuse of public authority, and kickbacks schemes.

Any time there is an accusation that a public officials takes something of value, cash payment or otherwise, in exchange for performing their public duties in a particular manner, can face charges and prosecution pursuant to 18 USCS § 201, 18 USCS § 210 and 18 USCS § 211 (2005).

Under 18 USCS § 201 it is a crime, amongst other things, for a person to "corruptly" give, whether directly or indirectly, offer, or promise anything of value to a public official intending to influence with the intent to influence the public official.

Such an accusation represents a serious Federal crime and exposes the person charged to imprisonment of up to 15 years and substantial monetary fines.

In addition, it should be noted that accusations of bribery or public corruption are investigated thoroughly by Federal Authorities and are prosecuted by well trained and experienced attorneys on behalf of the Government. Such cases tend to be widely scrutinized in the media and by the public. It is imperative that someone accused in such a situation obtain qualified counsel early on in the process so that they can intervene as soon as possible on your behalf.

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