Las Vegas DUI Defense

There are many people that think if they are arrested or charged for a Drunk Driving or DUI Offense that they are automatically going to be convicted of the crime. In reality, this isn’t at all the truth.

The truth is that in many circumstances when a person is arrested for the crime of DUI or Drunk Driving in Nevada, and later prosecuted by the Municipal Court or Justice Court in Clark County, or elsewhere in Nevada, that there are viable defenses to the charges which are available to you. The single best thing you can do is to retain a knowledgeable DUI Defense attorney to attack these charges on your behalf. It is in the best interest of someone charged with such a crime to immediately contact and speak to an experienced and knowledgeable DUI attorney, such as Attorney Josh Tomsheck at the Las Vegas law firm of Hofland & Tomsheck. At our firm, we have a long track record of success in resolving our clients cases to drastically reduced charges, or getting DUI charges dismissed in their entirety.

When you contact Hofland & Tomsheck, we immediately move to protect your ability to drive and to defend you against the serious charges you are facing. Within 24 hours of you hiring us on your DUI case, we start fighting the charges against you. We will notify both the Court and the DMV that we represent you and schedule a hearing which preserves your right to drive. We obtain all of the “discovery” from the State or City Attorney, including all police reports, witness statements, police car videos (if available), forensic and lab reports, maintenance records for the breath testing machines (if applicable) and expert witness reports. We also make sure the State or City Attorney has proof that law enforcement has followed protocol and industry standards in maintaining a chain of custody and properly documenting, collecting and preserving evidence.

When we are retained to represent you, we don’t simply take the prosecutors word for what happened. We know there are two sides to every story. We strive from the first day you meet with us to obtain your side of the case, which is often drastically different than the police’s version of events. We know that every single DUI case is unique and different and we excel at finding issues that many other lawyers don’t see in the evaluation of a DUI arrest and charge.

When we meet with our new clients, we discuss the entirety of the case with them. We make sure the people we represent understand each issue and get all of their questions answered to their satisfaction. We will fully discuss your case with you and do all we can to ensure that you are aware of all of the different legal ramifications that exist in a DUI case. We always tell our clients what the worst and best case scenarios are in your individual situation and fully explore each avenue to defend your case WITHOUT YOU BEING CONVICTED of the crimes you are charged with. At our firm, we have as a partner a former Chief Deputy District Attorney who is not only Nationally Board Certified in Criminal Trial Law, but a member of the National College for DUI Defense. Attorney Josh Tomsheck has received some of the best training for DUI cases that there is to offer nationwide. Mr. Tomsheck is a former instructor for constitutional law search and seizure issues at all Las Vegas Valley law enforcement academies, including the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. To put it simply, we know the same things the prosecutors do. We know how to best fight your charges and defend your case. We know that you don’t have to “just plead guilty!”

A history of success. Our results speak for themselves:

Many of our new clients ask us what makes us so successful in defending DUI and Drunk Driving charges. The answer cannot be summed up in a single statement, but is rather a combination of things. Each of the following are drastically important when you consider which attorney you should select to represent you in your DUI case.

When selecting a lawyer for your Drunk Driving / DUI case, consider the following:


Hofland & Tomsheck Partner Josh Tomsheck is a former Chief Deputy District Attorney with years of experience in Nevada’s Criminal Courts. Mr. Tomsheck has literally tried hundreds of cases with winning outcomes. Attorney Tomsheck can say something that few other Nevada Criminal lawyers can, that he has handled virtually every type of criminal offense in the State of Nevada, from the smallest traffic ticket to Capital Murder. While many criminal attorneys claim to be experienced, or to be Trial Attorneys, Mr. Tomsheck has tried dozens and dozens of criminal offenses to juries in Nevada and Mr. Tomsheck has personally handled hundreds of cases just like the one you are currently facing. Mr. Tomsheck knows which issues to look for and identify and the best ways to defend you when fighting the charges in your individual case.


Partner Josh Tomsheck, a Nevada DUI Trial attorney, is proud to be a member of the National College for DUI Defense. Mr. Tomsheck’s admission into this organization ensures his clients that he is equipped with the best training to fight their DUI charges. Attorney Tomsheck is one (1) of only (6) members in all of Las Vegas to be a member of the college. The college is a non-profit corporation which focuses on the improvement of the DUI defense bar, and is dedicated to the dissemination of information to the public about DUI Defense Law as a specialty area of an attorney’s practice. The National College for DUI Defense is universally identified as the number one organization in the United States for the training of DUI lawyers. As part of his acceptance in the College, Mr. Tomsheck annually attends and participates in comprehensive training in the area of DUI defense and has been personally educated by the most elite DUI Lawyers from all over the United States and experts from all parts of the world. This training allows Mr. Tomsheck to be able to best defend the charges against you and to know the latest and most advantageous avenues to fight for your rights.


At Hofland & Tomsheck, our Attorneys are Trial attorneys. While many lawyers claim to have the ability to try your case, our lawyers have the track record to back it up. One of our Partners is a former Prosecutor (Josh Tomsheck is a former Chief Deputy District Attorney with the Clark County D.A.’s office). We know, and have had cases against, the same prosecutors who will be representing the state when bringing your case against you. We specialize in being able to identify the key issues in your case that will be of importance to prosecutors when they attempt to evaluate a case and decide how to proceed. Mr. Tomsheck has literally handled thousands of cases before the very same Judges who will make decisions in your case. We know how to defend your case because we know which defenses work and what makes them work. Unlike many attorneys, we won’t make you promises about defenses which will simply be a waste of your time and prove futile. Mr. Tomsheck’s knowledge of the Prosecutors, Judges and Courts where your case will be heard will prove invaluable to your getting the best resolution possible.


While we are a full service law firm, we have made the decision to focus our practice on the defense of a few select types of cases where we excel, namely the litigation of DUI and drunk driving offenses. Rather than spread our resources thin in order to try and be all things to all clients, we unlike many firms, have the unique ability to devote our efferts to the defense of charges just like yours. This focus allows us access to sincere attention to every detail of your case. We have at our disposal forensic and toxicology experts from all over the world, including many of the top experts in their fields. These individuals have the ability and expertise to fully examine and dissect the evidence the government is attempting to use to convict you. Oftentimes our experts evaluate the same evidence as the government’s experts and arrive at very different results. Oftentimes, in those same situations, our experts are better trained and more knowledgeable.

Our firm employs several highly trained investigators, including former representatives of law enforcement, who are available to work on your case and thoroughly investigate witnesses and visit alleged crime scenes. In many cases, we conduct our own investigations which are every bit as in depth as those of law enforcement. We delve into each of the facts and circumstances of our client’s cases, rather than to rely on the representations of the police and prosecutors. In many cases, this extra effort will assist us in disproving the results of the Government’s investigation in your case and allow us to beat your case.

These reasons are just some of the many that others individuals in the law enforcement and legal community, such as court staff, lawyers and even judges, refer us cases when their friends or family are in their time of need. Because of our reputation for hard work and success, police and prosecutors often refer individuals to the law firm of Hofland & Tomsheck to handle their cases. If those in law enforcement and the court system count on us when they need help, doesn’t it make sense that you do the same?

Client Reviews
C. Mr. Tomsheck was very helpful in my case and got my charges dropped. If you need a lawyer that's trustworthy and keeps in contact with you through out your whole case then look no further. I highly recommend Mr. Tomsheck for any legal issues!
Client I had a case where something very bad happened to me and my family. I came to see Mr. Tomsheck on the advice of a friend. He and his staff, especially his assistant Jennifer, were AWESOME. They resolved my case, saved me thousands of dollars and were a blessing from God. I love Mr. Tomsheck and his whole office.