Firearms Crimes

While owning firearms in the state of Nevada is not illegal, certain activities involving firearms are against the law and can lead to an arrest and conviction. These types of firearms crimes may be charged as misdemeanors or felonies depending on the circumstances and may lead to serious penalties. If you have been accused of any crime involving a gun or firearm in the greater Las Vegas area, your best interests will be served by bringing your case to Hofland & Tomsheck.

Our attorney team includes an experienced and highly-qualified criminal defense lawyer who has handled thousands of cases. Attorney Josh Tomsheck is one of the most highly trained and credentialed criminal defense attorneys in the state. With his skilled representation, the case against you may be successfully negotiated to a reduced charge or even dismissed. Early representation is always recommended to give you the best advantage when devising a defense strategy.

Nevada Firearm Laws

Nevada law uses the term “firearm” for gun. Firearms include the full range of guns, from pistols, revolvers, rifles, and more. Rules and regulations pertaining to firearms may be local, state, or federal laws. Under state law, except as where otherwise stated in specific statutes, the right to regulate the sale, transfer, purchase, ownership, possession, transportation, and licensing of guns or ammunition remains under the authority of the legislature. These laws are pre-emptive laws, meaning that local governments cannot devise their own gun restrictions except in certain cases. In the case of weapons other than guns, however, local governments in the state do retain the right to create and enforce local restrictions.

Nevada Firearm Permits and Licenses

Overall, the state does not require you to obtain a permit to purchase a firearm nor is an owner license required. Except in Clark County, firearms are not required to be registered. Under the Nevada Revised Statutes 202.3657, permits for concealed carry are issued by county sheriffs to qualified applicants. In order to qualify, you must have completed an approved class in firearm safety and be able to demonstrate competence in the use of your particular firearm.

Nevada Crimes Involving Firearms

Many types of crimes may involve the use of a gun. These crimes include:

  • Burglary
  • Home invasion
  • Domestic violence
  • Using a firearm while committing any other crime such as assault, battery, robbery, kidnapping, rape, etc.
  • Possession by or sale of firearms to minors, convicted felons, drug addicts, or fugitives
  • Threatening someone with a gun
  • Using a gun while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Using a gun around children
  • Using a gun in or around buildings or vehicles
  • Possession of a stolen gun

Generally, the aggravating factor of gun use while committing any other crime can lead to enhanced penalties upon a conviction.

Retain an Accomplished Las Vegas Firearms Crimes Lawyer

Get seasoned and professional legal help immediately following any arrest from a Las Vegas firearms crimes attorney at Hofland & Tomsheck. Our litigators will use their combined decades of legal experience as well as their passion, tenacity, and professional resources to help you move toward an optimum result. We are available nights and weekends and offer reasonable attorney rates. Contact the firm to arrange to speak with an attorney about your weapons offense today.

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