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Almost nothing is as serious as being accused of murder. Any type of murder charge poses serious risks to your freedom and future which, in Nevada, includes the death penalty. Other grave penalties include lengthy prison sentences which can extend to life in jail. In the face of these dire consequences, you will need a knowledgeable and skilled defense attorney, one you can trust to fight vigorously on your behalf throughout all phases of the criminal justice process whether it involves negotiating with prosecutors or arguing your case before a judge and jury.

At Hofland & Tomsheck, you can work with a Henderson murder attorney who has handled innumerable murder and manslaughter cases. Attorney Josh Tomsheck is a seasoned criminal defense lawyer who is not only a Certified Specialist in Criminal Trial Advocacy by the State Bar of Nevada but Board Certified as a Criminal Trial Lawyer by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. That makes him a criminal trial expert at both the state and national level, an accomplishment few attorneys can claim. He has been the lead trial lawyer in cases involving capital murder, murder, and attempted murder. As a former Clark County Chief Deputy District Attorney, he thoroughly understands the mechanics, issues, and requirements necessary to succeed as a prosecutor. That insight is a distinct advantage in devising legal strategies for the defense of anyone facing murder charges in Henderson.

State Laws Pertaining to Murder

If you have been accused of murder, you will likely be facing what is known as an “open murder” charge in Nevada. This charge means that the judge and jury will decide whether your act consisted of first-degree murder or second-degree murder. First-degree murder, the most serious charge, is generally defined as deliberately taking the life of another with malice aforethought. It may also be charged when the person killed another in the course of committing another crime, such as rape, robbery, arson, or other violent act. This charge consists of a Class A felony and is punishable by death or prison sentences.

Second-degree murder consists of all other types of murder such as those which were unintentional but exceedingly reckless. A conviction of second-degree murder is punishable by life or 25 years in prison with parole possible after 10 years. Attempted murder, in which the victim did not die, is charged as a Class B felony with a sentence of two to 20 years in prison. Enhanced penalties will generally be applied in cases where the victim was 60 years old or older or where the accused used a deadly weapon in the commission of the crime.

Other types of Nevada homicide charges include voluntary and involuntary manslaughter which consists of killing another without premeditation or malice. Voluntary manslaughter generally involves killing another after being provoked into an “irresistible passion.” Involuntary manslaughter consists of killing another without intent to do so while committing an unlawful act or an act which would likely result in death.

Accomplished Legal Help in Henderson Murder Cases

Experienced legal help is imperative in any type of homicide case; having Attorney Tomsheck in your corner as early as possible can make a huge difference in how your charges are eventually resolved. Contact our firm to learn more about where you stand and how Hofland & Tomsheck can help defend you throughout the duration of the criminal justice process.