House Arrest

After conviction for a crime, house arrest in Las Vegas is a far better option for most defendants than being forced to spend time in a jail or prison. Being confined to your home allows you to avoid the unpleasantness of a prison setting and, in many cases, to continue to go to work and/or school and to fulfill your family obligations.

It isn’t possible to get house arrest after conviction for every offense, but there are many crimes in Las Vegas for which home confinement is a possibility. To learn whether you might be eligible and for help making a compelling argument to the court, contact a Las Vegas house arrest attorney at Hofland & Tomsheck. Our experienced lawyers can evaluate your situation and argue on your behalf for house arrest. Our attorneys can also answer important questions for you like:

  • Is house arrest in Las Vegas a possibility in my case?
  • What if I violate the terms of my house arrest?
  • Can a Las Vegas house arrest attorney help me?
Can You get House Arrest in Las Vegas?

To be sentenced to house arrest instead of being forced to pay your penalty in jail or prison, you will usually need to request this from the judge assigned to your case. Defendants in criminal cases routinely get house arrest while their trial is pending or as a sentence after conviction when a judge believes that home incarceration is the best solution.

You will need to convince the judge that you are going to abide by the rules and that you deserve the relative leniency of being made to stay in your home rather than go to jail. A Las Vegas house arrest lawyer can complete the request for house arrest on your behalf and can make a strong argument to the judge. Usually, this means showing you have or are ready to obtain gainful employment and that you are unlikely to offend again.

House arrest is usually a possibility only when you’ve committed a non-violent crime and/or without prior convictions. Specific programs also exist to allow offenders to serve out jail terms at home. For example, the 305 Program allows DUI offenders to finish jail sentences at home while the 317 Program allows the same for certain defendants convicted of other non-violent crimes.

House Arrest Violations in Las Vegas

When you are under house arrest, you must wear an electronic monitoring device. If you violate the terms of the home confinement and leave the house, you may be rearrested.

A willful violation of the terms of your confinement can mean you’ll be serving the rest of your sentence in jail or prison, so be sure to call a lawyer right away for help minimizing the consequences or convincing the court you didn’t actually break the rules.

Contact a Las Vegas House Arrest Lawyer

At Hofland & Tomsheck, our experienced attorneys have helped many clients avoid going to jail by instead serving their sentences in their own homes. While there is never any guarantee and the possibility of house arrest depends upon your crime, having a lawyer help make a compelling argument is a smart choice.

Contact Hofland & Tomsheck today for an evaluation of your situation and for help arguing that house arrest is appropriate for you.

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