Intensive Supervision

In some circumstances, an experienced Las Vegas bail lawyer is able to convince the Court to allow release on a lowered bail, or on the persons own recognizance. One of the vehicles the lawyer can argue is that, if granted a low bail, the person will comply with any condition of the Court, including “intensive supervision” release. When someone is released on intensive supervision, they are free on bail, not on house arrest of subject to lock-up. However, the person must “check-in” with their intensive supervision supervisor on a pre-arranged, regular basis. This usually means that once or twice a week the person must travel to the Courthouse or Detention Center and check in, either in person or by scanning their finger under an electronic reader. This allows the person to be free on bail, but still allows the Court to know the person is not committing new crimes or fleeing the jurisdiction.

Not every person in every case will be permitted release on bail with intensive supervision, but a skilled Las Vegas criminal Bail/OR attorney can often file the appropriate motions and argue successfully to the Court that Intensive Supervision, as a condition of bail is appropriate as opposed to remaining in custody.