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In most cases, being introduced to the criminal justice system is one of the most traumatic and terrifying experiences a person will have in their lifetime. There is usually uncertainty, anxiety and fear about a world that seems foreign. The terminology and procedure are something unusual and unknown and the consequences are so high that it stands to reason that most people entering the criminal justice system feel lost, with nowhere to turn.

The goal of this website is to offer a sense of relief and hope to individuals and families in the criminal justice system. If you, or your loved one, is being investigated or has been formally charged with a criminal offense, Felony or Misdemeanor, in the Las Vegas area or elsewhere in Nevada, it is absolutely imperative that you find a resource you can trust. In this site you can learn about the criminal justice system and you will find your trusted resource when you contact Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Josh Tomsheck. Mr. Tomsheck is a nationally board certified criminal law expert who is registered as certified specialist in criminal trial advocacy with the State bar of Nevada, one of only two (2) lawyers in the entire state who holds that distinction. Mr. Tomsheck is also a former Chief Deputy District Attorney who has prosecuted every criminal offense you will find in the State of Nevada from simple misdemeanors to capital Murder. Mr. Tomsheck has tried 100’s of cases and has a success rate of over 95% at trial. There is no other criminal defense attorney in the entire State of Nevada who has the resume Mr. Tomsheck does handing criminal cases in criminal Courts.

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Josh Tomsheck

Mr. Tomsheck previously worked in the public sector of the criminal justice system where he served as a Chief Deputy District Attorney and lead trial attorney with the Clark County (Las Vegas) District Attorney’s Office. At the DA’s Office, Mr. Tomsheck prosecuted violent felonies as part of the elite Major Violators Unit, Gun Crimes Team. As a prosecutor, Mr. Tomsheck earned a reputation as an adept Courtroom litigator who able to effectively take cases of every type to Trial. Mr. Tomsheck’s work ethic and talent led to being one of the fastest ever to be promoted to the rank of Chief Deputy District Attorney and assigned to the Major Violators Unit. Mr. Tomsheck’s mastery of the Courtroom, Criminal Procedure and the Rules of Evidence has garnered him a solid relationship and reputation with law enforcement, judges and prosecutors alike as one of the best Trial criminal law attorneys in the State. Mr. Tomsheck, along with Bradley Hofland (who heads the firms civil litigation and family/domestic law practices) formed the firm of Hofland & Tomsheck in order to provide top-notch legal representation to those facing the toughest battles of their lives. Mr. Tomsheck takes very seriously the rights of a person accused of a crime and will do everything in his power to ensure they get the best outcome possible. Mr. Tomsheck is a life member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys and a Sustaining Member of the Nevada Association for Criminal Justice. Mr. Tomsheck is also a Member of the National College for DUI Defense and DUI Defense Lawyers Association. Mr. Tomsheck has been widely recognized for his efforts in the field of criminal defense, having received the Lifetime Achievement Award from America’s Top 100 attorneys, being named to the list of top 100 Trial Attorneys by the National Trial Lawyers and American Trial Lawyers associations, a Mountain State’s Super Lawyer by SuperLawyers Magazine, Legal Elite by Nevada Business Magazine and Top Lawyer in the field of Criminal Defense by Vegas, Inc. Magazine. Mr. Tomsheck also has a perfect 10/10 rating by the independent lawyer rating organization AVVO.

Las Vegas Criminal Law Resource Center

In this website you can find information on Nevada Criminal Offenses by NRS Code Section, Nevada Crimes by Name and Nevada Criminal Defenses. You will also find valuable resources to Court information, questions to ask when you hire a lawyer and many other areas commonly of concern to someone who is suddenly in the criminal justice system. Feel free to use the resources on this site to learn as much as you can about the criminal justice system and what you or your loved one can expect.

While being investigated for a criminal offense, or learning that you are facing a criminal charge in Court, can certainly be one of the most traumatic experiences a person may face in their lifetime. However, you can take steps to quickly alleviate some of this stress. In educating yourself and speaking to an expert, qualified and experienced Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer right away, you can hand off a great amount of that anxiety to someone who is used to both the system and how to deal with the stress associated with it. If retained early enough in the criminal investigation process, Mr. Tomsheck may be able to intervene on your behalf with the law enforcement officers conducting an investigation or the prosecutorial agency (District Attorney, United States Attorney or City Attorney) in order to avoid charges in their entirety or have charges dismissed or drastically reduced.

As a result of his years handling both the prosecution and defense of thousands of felonies and misdemeanors, Mr. Tomsheck has a unique understanding of how criminal cases are not only investigated, but charged and prosecuted as well. Mr. Tomsheck’s background as a Chief Deputy DA means he knows how to efficiently and effectively challenge the Government’s case and evidence at all stages of the criminal process. Given his talent and experience on both sides of the aisle, Mr. Tomsheck is often sought out by news and entertainment media for his commentary and insight in the areas of criminal procedure and the criminal law process. Mr. Tomsheck has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox news programming both in cases he is personally handling and for his opinions and comments on cases that he is not involved with. Mr. Tomsheck’s work in criminal cases and trials has been featured in prime time television including "48 Hours Mystery" on CBS, “Snapped” on the Oxygen Network and gavel to gavel trial coverage on "InSession" (formerly CourtTV). Josh's trials have been featured on episodes of numerous nationally televised programs such as "Murder Among Friends," "Deadly Sins Breaking Point," and "Las Vegas Law" on the Investigation Discovery channel, as well as in local and national print media and radio. Because of reputation and experience the Las Vegas legal community, Mr. Tomsheck is very often the attorney that law enforcement officers and judges turn to when they or their family or friends find themselves on the wrong side of the system.

Those who have turned to Mr. Tomsheck in their time of need know that he is respected as a determined and dedicated advocate for those he represents who fights passionately for his clients and their rights. While no criminal case is guaranteed and no lawyer is ethically permitted to guarantee and particular outcome, Mr. Tomsheck guarantees that with all his clients he will do everything in his power to find the best outcome for their case, whatever that may be. Mr. Tomsheck has a great width and breadth of experience defending clients charged with all levels and types of criminal offenses. In many cases he is able to work quickly and quietly behind the scenes allowing for an expeditious resolution with little repercussions or lasting consequences. In other situations, Mr. Tomsheck will fight publically in Court to make sure the State, Government or City is held to their burden to ethically prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt and if they don’t - - - Mr. Tomsheck’s clients are exonerated or acquitted.

When you hire Mr. Tomsheck to represent you in your criminal investigation or legal matter, Mr. Tomsheck personally handles all aspects of your case. Your case will not be handed off to a junior associate or paralegal. However, Mr. Tomsheck does utilize some of the most experienced and best professionals to work on your case along with him. Mr. Tomsheck and his staff of researchers, experts and and investigators immediately begin working on your matter, making sure field no proverbial stone is left unturned and no avenue of defense is left unexplored. It is this approach that has netted his remarkable winning percentage in the cases he has taken to Trial. At the law firm of Hofland & Tomsheck we take every case with the though process of taking to case to trial, with the hope that we don’t have to. Mr. Tomsheck reviews each case and advises his clients as if he were sitting where they are, knowing what he knows… in other words, he takes his experience and skill and places himself in the shoes of his clients.

If you, or a loved one, is experiencing a situation where you are in the criminal justice system or fear you may soon be, turn to this resource center and please, contact Las Vegas Criminal Attorney Josh Tomsheck today so that he can begin working for you.

Client Reviews
C. Mr. Tomsheck was very helpful in my case and got my charges dropped. If you need a lawyer that's trustworthy and keeps in contact with you through out your whole case then look no further. I highly recommend Mr. Tomsheck for any legal issues!
Client I had a case where something very bad happened to me and my family. I came to see Mr. Tomsheck on the advice of a friend. He and his staff, especially his assistant Jennifer, were AWESOME. They resolved my case, saved me thousands of dollars and were a blessing from God. I love Mr. Tomsheck and his whole office.