Nevada Drunk Driving Laws

There are literally hundreds of crimes a person can be charged with in Nevada. DUI, also known as Driving under the influence, or Drunk Driving, is one of the most commonly charged crimes in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada.

A DUI charge can happen to almost anyone at one time or another in their lives. People from all walks of life are charged with DUI and other related offenses. Simply because DUI is a commonly charged crime however, does not mean it isn’t a serious crime. The penalties and consequences of being arrested or convicted for a DUI/Drunk Driving charge are serious and severe.

Drunk Driving Convictions are Expensive

Nevada DUI/drunk driving penalties as defined under Nevada law in Nevada Revised Statute “NRS” 484C, include many different elements. There are certainly mandatory minimum fines, required classes, attendance at a victim impact panel and license revocation, which occur in every DUI conviction. These punishments include MANDATORY time in jail.

DUI convictions are serious and expensive. Factoring in all the consequences of a DUI CONVICTION (as opposed to an arrest), the actual cost is staggering.

There have been many studies done on the actual cost attributable to a DUI arrest and most experts estimate that the total cost of a first offense DUI conviction, when you factor in costs for automobile towing, bail or bond costs, the oftentimes required alcohol evaluations, mandated classes, statutorily required victim impact panels, mandatory minimum fines, court costs, the fees from the DMV related to driver’s license reinstatement and similar related costs - - - is upwards of $10,000.00. (Mothers against Drunk Driving, or “MADD” estimates the cost of a first offense DUI to be between $7,828.00 - $10,828.00 depending on the State where the crime is charged). When you include the years of drastically increased charges for auto insurance that becomes necessary after a DUI conviction, those estimates can double.

In addition to the financial consequences, there are other costs as well. Most people realize there is a social stigma that follows drunk driving offenses. Many people express that the friends and neighbors that were once friendly to them now perceive them to have a drinking problem.

Simply put, going to jail and losing tens of thousands of dollars means that drunk driving is not “just another misdemeanor” or a “minor offense.”

Don’t Trust Your DUI Case to Just Anyone

While many lawyers will tell potential clients that they “handle DUI cases” or that they have resolved lots of cases involving DUI charges, many are simply not equipped to evaluate, investigate, litigate or negotiate a DUI charge. Most knowledgeable criminal law experts will tell you that driving under the influence cases are some of the most complicated and complex cases there are in the criminal justice system.

While many criminal cases turn on the testimony of an eye witness or fact evidence, DUI and Drunk driving cases almost always involve some of the most intricate areas of criminal law, such as constitutional law matters, expert medical and scientific testimony and the latest advances and changes in technology.

Many people charged with DUI attempt to find the most inexpensive “cheapest” lawyer to handle their case, or worse, rely on a lawyer who specializes in resolving traffic tickets. Don’t make this mistake. When you are faced with a Drunk Driving or DUI charge, it is absolutely critical that you have an experienced Las Vegas Drunk Driving Defense attorney on your side to fight your case and help protect your interest. You only get one chance at fighting your DUI charge and it is imperative that you have a knowledgeable and capable attorney to guide you through the legal process.

At the Las Vegas, Nevada law firm of Hofland & Tomsheck, Attorney Josh Tomsheck has the training and experience necessary to protect you in all segments of your DUI or Drunk Driving case. Attorney Tomsheck specializes in helping those who find themselves arrested or charged with Drunk Driving, DUI or DWI related charges. Mr. Tomsheck is a former Chief Deputy District Attorney in the Clark County District Attorney’s office where he was selected as part of the faculty of instructors who educated the police and other members of law enforcement the same Constitutional law issues that present themselves in almost every Drunk Driving case. Additionally, Mr. Tomsheck is a member of the National College for DUI Defense, widely recognized as the most exclusive and elite organization in the United States focused on the defense of people charged with Drunk Driving related offenses. Attorney Tomsheck is one (1) of only six (6) lawyers in Las Vegas to be admitted as a member of the College.

At the Law Firm of Hofland & Tomsheck we have the training, experience and knowledge to identify, understand and defend the issues in your Drunk Driving (DUI DWI) case. We know how to fight Drunk Driving charges and we know how to win.

If you, or someone you know, have questions about a drunk driving arrest or other intoxication related offense, call us today and let us begin working on your case.

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C. Mr. Tomsheck was very helpful in my case and got my charges dropped. If you need a lawyer that's trustworthy and keeps in contact with you through out your whole case then look no further. I highly recommend Mr. Tomsheck for any legal issues!
Client I had a case where something very bad happened to me and my family. I came to see Mr. Tomsheck on the advice of a friend. He and his staff, especially his assistant Jennifer, were AWESOME. They resolved my case, saved me thousands of dollars and were a blessing from God. I love Mr. Tomsheck and his whole office.