Own Recognizance (''OR'') Releases

What is an “OR” Release?

“OR” stands for Own Recognizance release. This is essentially a personal promise by the person accused of a crime to appear for Court. When a Court grants an “OR” release, there is no requirement that a monetary amount be posted for bail. A criminal law attorney can file a Motion on your behalf and ask the Court for an “OR” release the same way a request can be made for a bail reduction.

Our criminal law attorney, Josh Tomsheck, has written and argued literally hundreds of Bail and OR motions. This experience allows us to know which points work in which situation and what issues are most effective to present to the Judge in Court.

If you, or a loved one, is in custody following an arrest, contact our office right away. We will evaluate your unique situation and tell you if we can assist in obtaining bail, a lower bail, or an “OR” release. We can be the difference between talking to your loved one through bars, or at the dining room table in your own home. 702-895-6760.