Pleading Guilty


Many people wonder if they “should just plead guilty” when they are charged with a DUI offense. This is almost never a good idea. In all but the rarest occasions, a person arrested or charged with a DUI related offense is far better off by first entering a not guilty plea and allowing their lawyer to work the case.


Several reasons actually. Usually the first plea offer, or plea bargain, provided by the prosecutor is NOT the best offer you will receive. If someone just says “I’m guilty, I plead guilty” they are stuck with both a conviction for DUI, and the MANDATORY MINIMUM SENTENCE requirements that come along with it. In Nevada, ALL convictions for DUI have certain minimum sentences that the Courts MUST impose. So, while the person pleading guilty may think that by just giving up and accepting responsibility, that they are helping themselves, in reality they aren’t – because the Judge has to impose the mandatory sentences anyway.

Every DUI conviction carries with it minimum sentences. To see the sentences for a DUI offense in the State of Nevada, click here.


The simple answer is YES! You shouldn’t just plead guilty to a DUI offense because the consequences to doing so are devastating. If convicted of DUI (driving under the influence in Nevada) there are minimum sentencing factors that the Court must impose. All DUI offenses carry with them mandatory jail time as part of the sentence imposed.


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