Punishments for Drug Crimes

"What am I Facing?"

The punishments for drug crimes in Las Vegas vary greatly. Depending on which schedule the drug is in, the amount of drugs allegedly recovered and what is in the individual’s criminal history, there can be many different potential punishments for a drug charge in Nevada. Punishments can range from a small fine and classes to life in prison. For a possession of a controlled substance Felony, the sentence can range from mandatory probation up to mandatory prison and a $20,000.00 fine. In some cases, an experienced attorney is able to negotiate the case into a diversion program which allows for dismissal of all charges after certain requirements are met.

The punishments change, and change for the worse, when there is an allegation from the police or the prosecutor that drugs were possessed for the purpose of sale or distribution.

A person can be charged with the intent to sell or distribute based on many factors, including the amount of the alleged illegal substance found, the packaging the alleged drugs were contained in, other items found in the vicinity of the alleged controlled substances (scales, bottles, guns, cash, etc.), statements from suspects and witnesses and many other factors.

One important thing to know about charges related to the sale or intent to sell of controlled substances is that each subsequent conviction, the charges are enhanceable. This means that if convicted for a second or third time, a charge of possession of a controlled substance with the intent to sell becomes a mandatory prison offense. You won’t be eligible for probation.

Worse yet, if you have a certain minimal level of drugs in your possession, you can be charged with a trafficking offense. This can hold true, provided you have the requisite amount of drugs, even if you possessed the drugs solely for your personal use. The reason these types of trafficking charges are so bad is that the punishment carries mandatory prison time, without the possibility for diversion or probation, even if it’s your first offense!

To learn what potential punishments you are facing, you need to talk to an experienced criminal law attorney who can evaluate your charges and the case against you. A competent, trained Nevada drug crimes attorney to assist you with your case, find the best defenses and help you get the best result you possibly can.

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