What you Need to Know About your Casino Marker Case

If you receive a letter from the District Attorney’s office about your case, or are contacted about an existing unpaid marker, you should contact our office immediately. Many times, people are sent what is known as a “10-day letter” in which the prosecutor’s office gives you a set time, which is almost always 10 calendar days, to respond to the letter and take care of the debt. Many people notice that the amount requested in the letter is markedly higher than the person recalls borrowing from a casino on credit. The reason for the higher amount is that the DA’s office adds on significant fees for their services in recovering the debt for the casino. Most importantly, if you don’t react quickly and hire a lawyer to contact the authorities and/or casinos and negotiate on your behalf, a warrant will issue for your arrest after the 10 days expire.

Even if you simply plan on “paying the money back,” you could still be convicted of a crime for taking out the debt in the first place on not paying in a timely fashion. If you ignore the 10 day letter, don’t pay the money back fast enough, or fail to follow a payment plan prescribed by the DA, you can still be prosecuted in Court, even if you later pay back all the money you borrowed.

Many people borrow large amounts and then plan on filing Bankruptcy as a way to avoid criminal charges. You should know that the filing of Bankruptcy doesn’t necessarily avoid criminal responsibility. Because debt in a casino marker case is viewed by the DA and the Courts as restitution in a criminal case, they may still prosecute you for the crime even if you have filed for Bankruptcy.

Lastly, and most importantly, call an attorney to represent you on your case as soon as you know there is an amount unpaid. It pays to be proactive. Don’t wait. Once a warrant has been issued, the prosecutor may refuse to quash it and you may have to return to Las Vegas while in custody and in handcuffs. Additionally, once a warrant has issued, the prosecutor may be far less amenable to negotiation until the person is arrested and appears in Court in custody on their warrant.

Attorney Josh Tomsheck, from the law firm of Hofland & Tomsheck, is a former Chief Deputy District Attorney in the same office that will be prosecuting the casino marker case against you. He knows what needs to be done to protect you, protect your money and fight your case. Call 702-895-6760 today to schedule an in person appointment or telephonic consultation. Many times we can resolve your case without you even having to travel back to Las Vegas and appear in Court.